Whether you’re searching for a new hobby or want to find a new date night idea, our dance studio is designed to help you perfect your dance moves around like-minded people. From novice dancers to experienced, our team of dance instructors is here to help you find your way around the dance floor. Even if you’ve never set foot on the dance floor, we’ll tailor your lessons accordingly starting with basic footwork before putting steps together. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you make progress!

Types of Dance Style We Teach:

Our Durham dance classes are ideal for solo dancers who want to work on a particular dance style as well as couples who want to enjoy a class together. Our studio offers the following styles of dance:

Who Our Dance Classes Are Ideal For

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Durham hosts a variety of dance classes, including both private and group classes. So whether your goal is to meet new people in a group class or work on your dance moves one-on-one with an instructor, we can help you! If you choose a private or group dance class, your lessons will be tailored to fit your level, ensuring you have a great time and aren’t too challenged or bored.

On Friday evenings, we host practice parties and technique-based classes so you can work on what you’ve learned in class. Each Tuesday evening, we hold a dance session for a specific style of dance. The style of dance is consistent throughout the month and may include styles such as the Argentine tango, Waltz, or Salsa. We update our calendar each month so you can familiarize yourself with the schedule.

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Types of Dance Classes We Teach

If you prefer to work with your instructor in a private setting and either refine your footwork or learn the basics, private dance classes are your best option. On the other hand, if your goal is to meet other dancers and make friends, opt for group dance classes for a social outing.

Private Dance Classes

Our private Durham dance classes are ideal for a) beginners who want to build a solid foundation, b) intermediate dancers who want to refine their dance moves or learn a new dance style, and c) advanced dancers who want to master their dance choreography as part of a routine. You’ll get customized instructions and one-on-one coaching from your instructor.

Group Dance Classes

We host group dance classes so you can dance with others who share your passion and meet new people. Whether you prefer to learn how to dance in a group setting or you prefer a social atmosphere, our group dance classes are perfect for you. They’re the perfect avenue for you to learn and practice your dance style of choice.

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Our studio welcomes all skill levels and boasts a supportive community of dancers. If you’re ready to start dancing, our Durham dance classes are waiting for you. When you submit a form inquiry below or call us at 919-489-4313, your first two dance classes will be discounted — $60 for individual dancers or $80 for couples at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Durham.

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