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Latin Dance

What Are the Three Main Styles of Ballroom Dancing?

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Whether you’re looking to take dance lessons for fun, or you’re interested in competing in ballroom dancing competitions, it’s important to learn about the three main styles of ballroom dancing. Each style has its own unique characteristics and steps, so knowing which style of social dancing you want to focus on is essential. In this […]

What Is the Difference Between Salsa and Merengue?

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The differences between salsa and merengue are complex. While both types of music have similar roots, their current forms are quite different from each other. Salsa is a type of Latin rhythm that originated in Cuba during the 1970s. Merengue comes from the Dominican Republic.

Top Latin Dancing Songs

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In recent years, Latin dancing and Latin dancing music have gained popularity beyond leaps and bounds! Television has brought this style of dancing to the forefront and the public has seen how beautiful the dances are and has fallen in love with the music associated with them. It has been reported that global listening to […]