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Wedding Dances

How To Prepare For Your Wedding First Dance


Trying to find some of the best wedding first dance lessons in Durham and beyond? The first dance at a wedding can be the most romantic part of the entire event. However, you’ll want to make sure your dance is perfect by practicing beforehand. Steps To Take If You’re Nervous About Your Wedding First Dance […]

How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Dance

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When you’re planning your wedding, you have a lot on your plate. Besides the guest list, you have to think about the food, the venue, the flowers, and of course the music and dancing. Everything else can be on point, but if the music and dancing are off, they can really put a damper on […]

Things You Should Not Forget When Planning a Wedding in NC


There is a lot that needs to be done when planning a wedding, but don’t forget to take some time to prepare for the all-important dance at the reception. Whether it is the bride-groom dance, the father-bride dance, or the mother-groom dance, all eyes are on the dance floor, creating a little anxiety for sure. […]