If you’ve been looking far and wide for some of the best dance lessons for couples, keep on reading. So you’ve started seeing someone and the sparks are flying. But in between all of your karaoke nights and couples dinners with friends, there’s only one thing missing: if only you knew how to dance!

Well lucky for you, Fred Astaire Dance Studios provides couples dance lessons in Durham. And just like our award-winning dance instruction, we can teach couples how to add dancing to their romantic dates.

There are many couples nowadays that find that dance lessons help them restart their date nights with great success.

“I feel that it has brought us closer together, and we often go out on dates with our friends to the dance floor,” says instructor Allison D. “Dancing is fun, social, romantic and couples can get in touch with their sensuality.”

However, dancing does not have to be your date’s cup of tea.

“Too many people assume that they won’t enjoy couples dance lessons or dance for that matter because they think they cannot dance or do not know how to dance,” says Fred Astaire’s Ballroom Department Head Jeff W.. “Couples will find this assumption is generally wrong once they try it out!”

Many couples choose one type of dancing over another based on their own preferences and abilities. However, if you’re looking to add dancing to your romantic date but don’t know what to dance or where to start, we’ve got you covered.

“My biggest piece of advice is for people who want to try it: don’t be afraid,” says Roberta M. “The only way to learn is by trying!”

Best Ways To Have A Great Slow Dance On A Romantic Date

Couples that are looking for a romantic date can try focusing on learning a classic dance instead of a ballroom dance. While traditional dances are also great for the two of you, jazz is one of the most romantic types of music.

“I would say that romantic styles are best for date night,” says instructor Laura D. “Two popular dance options are swing, which is upbeat and fast-paced, or waltz, as it is a slow dance.”

If you already have some experience with dancing, you can begin learning the basics of ballroom dance.

“In my opinion, if they have been doing their own type of dancing then I think that taking a ballroom class may be good to learn something new and open up a new genre,” says instructor Shelby L.

“One of my favorite dances is the quick-step and I think that it would be a fun dance to learn together because it involves learning the basics of ballroom but also is still modern and not very challenging,” says Laura D. “That way if one partner just wants to do more basic moves, they can!”

But if you’re looking for an even more romantic experience with your date, try adding a dance with another couple instead of alone.

“I think the best couples dance lessons are those in which both partners participate with each other,” says instructor Alexandra L.. “It helps to keep the energy between both involved parties, and it’s also fun!”

“We’ve had couples who are novice dancers take classes because they want to learn ballroom dancing for social reasons, couples that take classes because they already know how to dance but want to improve their technique, and couples who only like swing or Latin dances,” says Allison D. “We find couples find something they love once they try it!”

You can be sure couples’ dance lessons will have a positive result on your love life, too. So what are you waiting for?

For more information about couples dance lessons in Durham, get in touch with our team or call (919) 489-4313 today!

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