Are you shy on the dance floor and afraid of people seeing you dance? Do you feel self-conscious of not being able to keep the beat or not knowing the steps to a dance? It’s totally understandable and very common to feel somewhat inhibited and shy about dancing in front of people. You can feel shy if you are dancing alone or if you are dancing as a couple and trying to remember specific steps.

Practicing is the key to being more confident, improving your ability, and getting out on the dance floor. Practicing can also put yourself in the mindset of ignoring the people who you fear may be watching. The more you feel free in the movements, the less self-conscious you can be. You need to have fun and dance like there is no one watching. So, here are seven tips on how you can dance like nobody’s watching!

Tip #1: Actually, Nobody Is Watching

A lot of people have a fear of being the center of attention and, when you’re dancing, you may feel like everyone’s eyes are on you. But, guess what? They aren’t watching you. When you’re on the dance floor with other people, those people are paying attention to their own performance and execution and they are not paying attention to you. Don’t compare yourself to the other dancers. Don’t use other people as benchmarks. Just concentrate on your own growth. This will allow you to improve and have a sense of freedom because you are letting go of your self-consciousness.

Tip #2: Practice By Yourself, Then With a Partner

Practice is the key in getting better and becoming more comfortable dancing. Find a room where you have some space to move and watch yourself in a mirror. This way you can see what you look like while dancing. It gives you the opportunity to make changes in your movements as you practice. If you are learning a dance with specific steps or one with a partner, set actual practice time where you can work on the steps alone and you and your partner can work on them together. This is a key to feeling more comfortable.

Tip #3: Play Your Favorite Music

It’s easier to practice dance moves to music you like. Put on some of your favorite songs and just let yourself feel the music. Move freely and really get into it. Do this often and you will start to have more confidence and be less inhibited.

Tip #4: Stop Trying to be Perfect

So many of us don’t want to do anything unless we can do it perfectly. That way of thinking is a barrier to improving, especially in the performing arts. There is no “perfect”. Even the winners of dance competitions started at the beginning as novices. Being perfect is a negative mindset. Just embrace where you are in the realm of dancing and know that as you practice, you will get better and less self-conscious.

Tip #5: Take Dance Classes

You can greatly improve your abilities by taking dance classes. In a class, not only do you have instructors to show you what you may be doing incorrectly, but they can also provide you coaching that will help you gain more confidence and be more positive about where you are in growing and developing your dancing skills. If you still feel uncomfortable about dance classes, private dance lessons may be a good first step, where it’s just you and the dance instructor.

Tip #6: Go to Places Where Others are Dancing

Conquer your fear of dancing by going to places where other people are dancing. Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Durham offers practice parties, to give everyone the opportunity to practice their dance moves in a social environment. Everyone there, no matter of their ability, is practicing and trying to improve. And, they are not watching you! They are just dancing and having fun! Start out slowly. Simply being in that environment is a big step. Observe how other people are dancing with each other. Ask a good friend or group of friends to come with you. This is your support group. And, dance with them once you feel comfortable enough. You are on your way!

Tip #7: It’s About Having Fun!

In the end, dancing is about having fun. Feeling the beat of the music and moving along with it using any form, structured or unstructured, is good for you physically and mentally and can “lighten your load,” so to speak. Music is therapeutic. Dancing is great exercise and can also be therapy for diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinson’s. You can shed calories, stress, and worries through dance. Allow yourself to have fun dancing.

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