The wedding bells are ringing and you’re finally engaged. You have a million things to do from selecting the venue of your dreams, picking out your wedding dress, pairing the perfect colors together, signing up for dance classes, and trying to find the perfect wedding day playlist to pair with your new moves. Beyond the perfect first dance song, it’s time to be thinking about what the perfect song is for the mother and son dance. Maybe you’ve gone through your playlists a million times and still can’t seem to find the song that says “I’m the one”. 

Sound familiar?

We are the first to agree that finding the perfect song for the mother and son dance at your wedding isn’t easy. You want to choose a song that reflects your feelings, your memories, and the entire relationship while also trying not choosing a song that everyone plays at their wedding.

As a professional dance studio who offers wedding dance lessons year round in Durham, North Carolina we wanted to take a moment to share our favorite tips on picking the best song for your mother and son dance!

How To Pick the Best Song for a Mother and Son Wedding Dance

Go Back in Time

Think about your childhood. Is there a song that your mother always used to sing to you? It could make a great option for your mother and son dance. It has meaning and reflects your relationship. Score! 

Think About Her Name

If there’s a song out there that has your mother’s name in the lyrics (and is appropriate), it could make a good choice for your mother and son wedding dance song. If it happens to be one of her favorite songs too, you definitely have a winner!

Ask Your Mom

While you may have no clue about what song to dance to, your mom may have it already picked out in her mind. In fact, she may have had it chosen since you were a child! (Moms are good like that.) You just won’t know what it is unless you ask.

Ask your DJ

If you asked your mom and she doesn’t have any ideas either, ask your DJ or whoever is providing the music for your wedding. Chances are they’ve been to lots of weddings and can give you some ideas…both traditional and nontraditional. Sometimes getting a fresh perspective is all you need. 

Think About Weddings You’ve Attended

Think about the last wedding you went to. What song did the groom and his mother dance to? If you can remember and remember liking it, that could be an option. While you don’t want to necessarily copy the same song, if it fits for you, it’s for the taking!

Mother and Son Wedding Dance Song Options

If you’ve thought about your childhood, asked your mom, talked with your DJ, and still haven’t found the right song, we’ve compiled a short list of some top-hit wedding favorites. Who knows, the perfect song might be right here!

  • “You Raise Me Up” -Josh Groban
  • “Beautiful Boy”- John Lennon
  • “My Wish” -Rascal Flatts
  • “Bridge Over Troubled Water”- Simon & Garfunkel
  • “Forever Young” -Rod Stewart

If none of these grab your attention we recommend heading over to youtube, grabbing a blanket, and a box of tissue to have a wedding video marathon until you find the song for you!

Why You Need Wedding Dance Lessons

Once you’ve picked the absolute perfect song you need to find the perfect dance to match! You’ll want to look graceful and happy when you hit the dance floor, rather than just swaying back and forth together. However, knowing exactly what to do doesn’t always come naturally. So instead of practicing a made up dance in your kitchen while watching YouTube videos, our certified dance instructors can guide you through the steps, help you remember your moves, and create a dance for you two that allows your unique personalities to shine through!

Wedding dance lessons also offer the following benefits:

  • Skip the gym and get exercise that’s just as effective and a lot more fun!
  • Gain confidence in your dancing skills and ease worry and anxiety about dancing in front of others.
  • Have fun with your entire wedding party before the big day with group lessons!

Whether you simply want to learn a few basic steps, get custom choreography, or create an involved routine for your dream wedding day, our instructors are here to help make your dream dances a reality.

Are You Ready to Take Wedding Dance Lessons with Us!

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