Whether you are training for a DanceSport competition or wanting to learn how to salsa dance at the hottest new Latin nightclub or your wedding is just a few months away, you must practice dancing if you want to be a proficient dancer. But what if you and your dance partner’s schedule is overbooked and unable to practice dancing together? Popular to contrary belief, you can practice dancing without a dance partner. Read on to learn more.

How to Improve Your Dancing Without A Dance Partner

    You Are Your Own Best Critic

      Using a Mirror

      When you are dancing on your own, try practicing in front of a mirror. Look at the lines of your body while dancing. Does what you see make sense?

      Record Yourself

      Take your dance analysis skills to different level and record yourself.
      Whether it is football, basketball or even gymnastics, many coaches use the power of video to analyze their team’s performance.

      1. Watch the entire video from beginning to end.
      2. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself
      3. When you first start out your solo dances, it will be fun to watch and quite humorous.

      4. You may need to watch your dance routine several times
      5. Identify the steps in the dance that don’t appear right.
      6. Maybe you went too fast, too slow or zigged when you should have zagged.

      7. Identify the areas that need improving and write it down.
      8. How long did your list of improvements get?
      9. What are your biggest weaknesses?
      10. Take one of those weaknesses and focus on that skill till you feel it is right
      11. Repeat filming and analyzing yourself
      12. With enough time and practice, your list of improvements will turn into a list of strengths
        • Study The Music

          Music brings out your true personality while dancing. The right music brings the excitement, joy, and passion to dancing. Take the time to truly understand the song you are dancing to. Every song has elements that makes it unique. By knowing more about the music and the song’s structure you’ll be able to which parts of the song should be danced in a specific way.

          Watch Other People Dance

          Watching other people dance is another great way to improve your dancing skills. When you are out for a night dancing, do you see anyone that seems to know what they are doing? Pay attention to their technical skills. Watch how they move their bodies, how they connect with their dance partner, and how their flow of steps move to the music.

          If you don’t feel comfortable stalking other dancers and taking notes on their dance moves, go online. There are many resources such as YouTube and blogs where you can watch videos of other people dancing.

          Move Your Body

          How you move your feet is important while dancing but did you know how you move your body is just as important. There are arm movements, hip shakes, head positioning and much more. Within time, the body movements will appear more natural and less forced.

        Get Stepping

        Though considered to be one of the hardest parts of learning to dance. Footwork can be very fun. Start with baby steps. Move side to side, back, forward. Feel the music, Be the music.

        Commit to Memory

        This is very important if you are going to have an audience such as your wedding or DanceSport competition. Memorize your dance moves. Take each part of the dance step by step and turn by turn. If you forget a step, don’t worry, just take a breath and do it all over again. Keep practicing till you have your dance completely memorized.


        Much like a boxer uses shadow boxing to help train for a fight, a dancer should shadow dance to train for dancing. It might feel silly at first but it is a great way to improve your technical dance skills. While you are shadow dancing, take notice of your footwork, lead or follow techniques, body movements, and even your posture. Visualize your dance partner with you, feel the music and dance.

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