Ballroom dancing is considered to be a very competitive and creative sport with specific rules and judging criteria.

Most ballroom dance competitions have events with different dance styles, age groups, skill levels, and are broken down into dance style classifications

  • International Standard – closed dance position
  • International Latin
  • American Smooth – both open and closed dance positions
  • American Rhythm – similar to Int Latin but with different tempos and techniques

What Does A Ballroom Dance Competition Judge You On?

Judges have previous experience as competitors and also as ballroom dance instructors.
Couples are judged on their technical skill, interpretation, and showmanship. Competitors might be asked to compete in a series of elimination rounds until six couples remain for the final round.

  • POSTURE – Good posture gives a look of elegance and present confidence. Balance and control is improved and allows your dance partner to connect well to your body.</li.
  • POISE – An example of poise is the graceful stretch of the woman’s body into the man’s arms for balance and connection with his frame, as well as to project outwards to the audience and judges.
  • LINE – Line is the length and stretch of the body from head to toe. Attractive and well- executed lines, either curved or straight, enhance the shapes of the figures.
  • PRESENTATION – The dance partners should exhibit joy from dancing, be extroverted and enthusiastic, and it should leave the audience and judges with a sense of awe and amazement.
  • TIMING – You should be dancing on time and in sync with the music. The music controls you and the dance.
  • TOGETHERNESS – It is a bit romantic the way a dance can share a love story. Two bodies morph into one. Leading and following appear effortless. Dancers are in synchronization with each other.
  • FLOORCRAFT – Floorcraft is the ability to avoid bumping into other dancers, but also the ability to continue dancing without pausing when being boxed in.
  • POWER – A dancer’s energy is fun to watch. Sometimes it is the most energetic couple that wins this dance competition. But the energy must be controlled, not wild. It must be channeled into the correct form and swing of the body, and not just by taking big steps. The music must be matched by the action of the body.
  • SHAPE – Shape is the combination of turns and sways to create a certain look or position.
  • Other factors such as how couples “look” together, if they “fit” emotionally, their neatness of appearance, costuming, the flow of their choreography, and basically whether they look like “dancers”; All these have an affect on how a judge may score you.

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