If you find yourself in a new city, like Durham, and you don’t know anyone, don’t worry…there are lots of ways you can meet new people and make friends! To do so may take you out of your comfort zone, or not. First, congratulations on your move. It’s exciting and it can be intimidating at the same time. Your plate is full with locating shopping for groceries and other essentials and finding new healthcare providers. Even changing your address on all your accounts and informing friends of your move can be a full-time job.

But, meeting new people and making friends in a new city is probably high on your list of priorities. Of course, if you work with people who are living in the same geographic area, you have a ready-made group to get recommendations for shopping, restaurants, and so forth. However, you may be working with people all over the world, who aren’t knowledgeable about your city. So, we have put together a list of 10 of the best ways you can meet new friends when you are in a new city.

1. Join a Gym and Take an Exercise Class

The gym can be a social place with a hub of people you see regularly, not to mention it’s a great way to stay fit! Durham has many exercise fitness facilities from which to choose like CrossFit, Planet Fitness, YMCA Wellness Center, Duke Health and Fitness Center, and O2. We suggest taking an exercise class as a way to have a core group of people you see and get to know. Start with what you are interested in whether it’s cycling, yoga, or strength training.

2. Join a Dance Class 

Taking a dance class is a great way to meet new people, stay fit, and be social–at any age! There is no need to be intimidated if you’re a beginner. You will be with other beginners and an instructor who is used to starting at square one. At a dance studio like Fred Astaire in Durham, half the fun is enjoying the process of learning to dance, which includes making mistakes! After dance lessons, you can practice at venues like clubs or bars and meet other people who like music and dance.

3. Take a Continuing Education Class

Now may be the time to pursue learning something you are interested in like a foreign language, cooking, painting, or really anything. Think about what your interests are, get out there, and find a class! Anytime you are in a group setting where there are others with similar interests, you have a group of potential new friends!

4. Visit Places that Offer What You Love

Do you love coffee? Find a coffeehouse and make that your regular place. Do you love tea? Find a teahouse. Do you love music? Find local music venues. You get the common theme here. When you frequent a place, you will probably see other regulars who have common interests, and you can get to know them.

5. Volunteer in the Community

If you are civic-minded and want to get involved, volunteering in your community offers fun opportunities for meeting others who have similar interests. Pick areas that have meaning for you. Such activities as being a coach for youth teams, getting involved in cultural events, and helping with charities are all great ways to meet new people, fill up some of your spare time, and offer help to organizations that need it.

6. Go to Book Signings, Seminars, or Speaking Events

In the Durham area there are a multitude of events like seminars and speaking engagements you can attend. Because Durham is close to four major universities, you can always find something interesting to attend. Book signings are also great sources of entertainment and socializing. Bookstores local to this area, just to get you started, are The Regulator BookShop, Letters Bookshop, and Wentworth & Leggett Books.

7. Join a Book Club

If you love reading, look for book clubs to join. Find clubs close to you through local bookstores, online, or through Meetup.com.

8. Connect with a Faith Community

If you are inclined, connect to a community of faith to find supportive, like-minded friends. The best way to actually get to know other members is to attend smaller gatherings such as a class or socials. 

9. Find a Business Association

Look for business associations that are related to your career. These groups are not only ways to meet new people who are in your business area, but also strengthen your professional network. As you meet other participants at meetings, ask about their interests and hobbies. You may find a like-minded person to socialize with!

10. Talk to Your Neighbors

Talking to your neighbors is a good way to meet new people and get information about what’s going on in your area. And, who knows? You may make new friends who are a short walk from your home!

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