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Top Wedding Dance Songs for 2019

bride and groom

The first dance is special. It is important to have the perfect music to enhance the moment. Here are the top trending first dance songs for 2019 weddings.

How to Lead in Ballroom Dancing

How to be a great leader in dancing

In dancing, there are two roles. The Leader and The Follower. Which one are you? In this post we will focus on what it take to be a great leader in dancing.

What is a Dance Practice Party?

group dance class in durham

A dance practice party is party where you can practice the steps that you have been working on. Practice parties is a great experience for all skill levels.

How To Lower Your Cholesterol with Ballroom Dancing

older couple dancing

Has your doctor recently told you that you have high cholesterol? If so, don’t be alarmed. You aren’t alone. In fact, 32% of Americans have high cholesterol. You might have questions about high cholesterol. We’ll explain how ballroom dancing can help lower your cholesterol.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Latin Dancing

Salsa Dancing in Durham

Cinco de Mayo is thought of as a day for drinking margaritas & consuming chips & salsa. We celebrate without knowing what Cinco de Mayo is about. We will take you back in time for a brief look at how Cinco de Mayo came to be. See some of the beautiful styles of latin dances that are often danced to on Cinco de Mayo.

Healthy Diet For Ballroom Dancers

healthy eating for dancers

It takes more than just dancing to lose weight. You will need to create and maintain healthy eating habits. If you follow an energy filled, healthy diet, you’ll be dancing away pounds and fitting into slimmer dance outfits in no time.

Do You Have a Fear of Dancing?

chorophobia - the fear of dancing

Does the thought of dancing make your heart beat faster, feeling a little short of breath, or want to run away and hide? There is a lesser known phobia that is more common than you think, Chorophobia. Find out how you can overcome your fear of dance.