When you’re planning your wedding, you have a lot on your plate. Besides the guest list, you have to think about the food, the venue, the flowers, and of course the music and dancing. Everything else can be on point, but if the music and dancing are off, they can really put a damper on the reception.

This is why you want to put a lot of thought into the music and dancing. You want your reception to be one people will remember for all the right reasons. If you’re getting stressed about your wedding reception dancing, here are some things to keep on the radar so everyone (including you) has a good time.

The Music Planning

You can’t have a great wedding reception dancing without great music. Think about the songs you definitely want to be played and make sure your band or DJ can accommodate you. This can include special songs, wedding line dancing songs, or anything else you want. After all, it’s your wedding so you should get to hear what you want.

Since you’re the one choosing the music, you can also plan any wedding line dancing songs. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. But, it’s your call, so you could do the ones you like and keep the ones you don’t out of the mix. If you do choose some, you can let some of your guests know if you want so that they can be prepared!

The Dances

Several important dances are typically done at weddings. Besides the first dance, there is the wedding party dance and parent dances. There are no rules that say all of the dances need to be done or if you do them at what specific time during the reception they need to be done. You can choose which ones you want to do and start preparing for them. Many people opt for wedding dance classes, especially for the first dance as a married couple. This allows you to plan your steps as well as throw in some special moves if you want.

The First Dance

After you make your grand entrance as a married couple, all eyes will still be on you for the all-important first dance. Sometimes, the first dance happens as people sit down for dinner after the couple is introduced. You can decide when you want to do it.

Some couples get introduced to a fun, upbeat song and then slow it down for their dance. Other couples like to keep the dance upbeat the whole time. The choice is yours. It’s your wedding day after all!

Wedding Party Dances

The wedding party can also be invited to the dance floor after the first dance. But, this is not necessary if your couples are not matched up evenly or if you simply don’t want to do it. If you do have the wedding party dance together, you can have a fast-paced song. This can usually get the party started and encourage the rest of the guests to get up and get moving. Once they feel the energy from the wedding party, the rest of the party gets started!

Parent Dances

The mother-son dance and father-daughter dance are usually a part of the reception. If the parent is not around for one reason or another, the dance can be omitted or the bride or groom can choose to dance with someone else special. There are no set rules here. These dances can be customized to fit any couple in any situation.

These dances can take place right after the first dance or later during the reception. Some couples like to get all of the typical wedding reception dancing out of the way in the beginning so they can just relax and enjoy the rest of the reception.

Anniversary Dance

Some couples choose to do an anniversary dance. All couples are asked to come to the dance floor for a slow dance. Slowly, the DJ or band leaders ask couples to leave the dance floor if they’ve been married for one year, two years, and so on and so forth until the couple married the longest remains on the dance floor. Again, this is not something that has to be done, but it can be a nice touch to add to your wedding reception dancing.

Dancing for All!

This is where the party gets started! Your DJ or band leader should be able to get people on the dance floor with the help of the music you chose. Some DJs bring fun props to get the guests excited. If you chose any wedding line dances, this would be the time to do them. 

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