There is a lot that needs to be done when planning a wedding, but don’t forget to take some time to prepare for the all-important dance at the reception. Whether it is the bride-groom dance, the father-bride dance, or the mother-groom dance, all eyes are on the dance floor, creating a little anxiety for sure. You want to make sure your performance is worthy of the occasion. Taking time to take a class in learning and practicing new dances is both a way to give you confidence for your time in the spotlight as well as provide a fun diversion from the daily grind of the wedding checklists.

When you’re planning a wedding, you find that you have never been busier. It is similar to directing and producing a Broadway musical! There are hundreds of details that need to be done, and some in a particular order. Having a planner who keeps track of everything may be well worth the expense. But, staying within a budget doesn’t always allow you to hire someone who stays on top of the planning. It’s easy to let some things fall through the cracks, which you will remember way too late (even on the day of your wedding) and regret weren’t done.

We’ve put together a short list of things that are easy to forget but add so much to the wedding experience when done. And, preparing your dances is one of them! Here are some helpful reminders of what not to forget!

Rehearsal Dinner Details

Even though the rehearsal dinner, as well as other pre-wedding festivities, may be hosted by someone other than you, you still need to be involved in the planning process. Just like with the wedding, the rehearsal dinner needs a venue, a guest list, food selection, and invitations.

Social Media Strategy

Having a strategy for social media is easily forgotten, but very important. Do you want your guests to share moments of your wedding day with the world or do you prefer to have an “unplugged wedding” where nothing is put on social media? Your social media strategy should be directed by you. Hashtags and photo booths offer ways your guests can post on social. However, if you don’t want guests taking pictures or videos during the ceremony, have a nicely printed sign or have the officiant make a short announcement before the wedding begins.

Marriage License

We can’t stress enough how easy it is to forget getting the marriage license because of all the other things that are on your mind. Begin the research and collect the necessary documents early, but be aware that a marriage license is usually only valid for a couple of months. And, destination weddings may have their own requirements, so plan accordingly.

Toasts and Readings

Typically, wedding toasts and readings are assigned to very important people during the rehearsal dinner and the reception, however some couples may choose to have everything done at one event. The bride and groom are responsible for notifying toast-makers and readers of their responsibilities, accepting requests to speak, and organizing the speaking order. Including readings is a way to honor important people in your lives that may not be a part of the wedding party.

The Playlist

Music is one of the most fun parts of the total wedding experience. So, whether you’re having a live band or a DJ, you should list the key songs that must be played during the festivities. And, you may also want to create a list of the songs you don’t want to hear!


So, there are two types of dancing at the reception: choreographed and free-form. Free-form dancing is what pretty much everyone does during the reception. In light of this, it’s nice to have some choreographed, practiced moves for the bride-groom, father-bride, and mother-groom focal dances. Attendees love and look forward to these! They know that the couples have put thought into performing a dance that is meaningful and memorable. Taking lessons at a professional studio provides you with the confidence to get out on the dance floor and have everyone watching. Lessons can be a diversion from everything else you have going on and learning new dances can be a cathartic experience that relieves anxiety and stress. As a big plus, lessons give you a hands-on experience that is fun!

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