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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you find yourself stumped again as to choosing the “right” gift to show your partner how much you care. It seems the standards like chocolates, flowers, and maybe even jewelry just aren’t speaking to you this year. What about a gift that can be for the both of you? “Experience gifts” are trending. People want to learn how to do something new that they can spend time doing together. Consider the gift of dance lessons for couples!

The perfect gift to get your significant other this Valentine’s Day might just be couples’ dance lessons. This experience gift has many benefits for the two of you! Social dances like the Salsa, Swing, Tango, and Foxtrot come in handy at weddings, on cruises, at social gatherings, and dance clubs. But, let’s look at five of the personal benefits of couples’ dance lessons that can both help you individually as well as enhance your relationship.

Time Spent Together

Social dance lessons can be your new “adult date night” with each other. It’s easy to get so involved in the children and family obligations that you put each other last on the list. With a scheduled lesson, you make a commitment and it is on the calendar. Get reacquainted during dance lessons!

Great Way to Exercise

Having fun while you exercise together may just be the “best” exercise there is! Dancing gets you moving and burns calories, maybe 250 to 400 calories an hour, similar to walking briskly. We all need to do things that promote health, and this is one you can do as a couple. And, did we mention that it is fun?

Rekindle the Romance

Many social dances are very romantic. Dances like the Rumba, the Waltz, the Salsa, and the Cha-Cha involve passionate movements. Essentially, the Tango is an intense expression of a romantic chase. It’s just the two of you, looking into each other’s eyes, embracing each other, and moving to the music. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

Promotes Bonding

As you learn to dance together, the bond between you strengthens. To dance well, one partner gives in and allows the other to lead. Trusting that each partner knows what the other is going to do is integral in the dance. Eye contact is crucial. And, in couples’ dance lessons, you are learning together. All of these aspects of dance promote stronger bonds.

Improves Mental Health

Dancing has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, has positive effects on confidence and memory, and improves your ability to learn. If you’re stressed out from work, bored with your day-to-day activities, tired of the winter, or feel you’re in a rut and need something new to revitalize your interests and mood, dancing can really help.

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