Many people want to learn the mambo because of its high energy level and rhythmic beats that combine the use of maracas and cowbells. It is a very passionate ballroom dance that consists of exaggerated hip movements with long, flowing steps. There are also quick steps involved that help to give the mambo the sensuous feeling it is known for.mambo dance lessons in Durham NC

The mambo originated in Cuba during the 1930s and is a mixture of Latin American music and Afro-Caribbean cultures. It continued to grow in popularity during the 1940s when American Jazz and Afro-Cuban beats combined.

By the 1950s, mambo was everywhere in New York City! Mambo was seen on record labels and more and more people wanted to know what this dance was all about, leading them to take mambo dance lessons. This catapulted the mambo into popular culture where it continues to make its mark. The mambo dance is demonstrated in classic films including ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘West Side Story’. It remains a popular Latin dance for those who enjoy a challenge and dancing in a quick rhythm.

A fun fact about the mambo is that it is believed to have been named after voodoo priests who thought they could send dancers into hypnotic states.

Take a look at couple of Fred Astaire students dancing the Mambo:

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