The origin of the Paso Doble (which translates to “double step”) is disputed, but every origin story has roots in Spanish bullfighting. The dance portrays the man as the bullfighter and the woman as his cape. During the performance, the actions of the bull are suggested along with some aggressive action in certain movements.

The main characteristics of Paso Doble dance are sharp movements and quick moves around the dance floor. To get the proper feeling, it’s helpful to visualize the pageantry of the matadors as they make their entry into the bull ring.

Paso Doble moves quickly. You’ll take about 120 steps per minute when doing it!

Benefits of Paso Doble dance lessons:

  • It’s a great cardio workout that strengthens and tones the legs, core, and glutes
  • Paso Doble is also a great brain workout!
  • You’ll meet new people and you just might make new friends
  • You’ll get a confidence boost
  • Paso Doble lessons are a great date night idea!

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