The Brazilian Samba was first introduced to the U.S. Dance Masters in 1929. It became a sensation overnight. The music is an amalgamation of African and Latin American rhythm like many other Brazilian dances. It is adorned with expressive, melodic lines. The Samba is a serenade with the repetition of its melody continuously interrupted by the strumming of a guitar or other stringed instruments. It originating in Bahia, Brazil. The dance style first became popular in Rio de Janeiro. Later, its intoxicating rhythm was taken up by serious Latin American composers.

The Samba is lighthearted and festive. It is a popular dance that is performed today in all parts of the world. When one thinks of the Samba, it brings to mind pictures of Rio’s Carnival. In Brazil the Samba is usually danced to a moderately slow tempo which contrasts vividly with the spirited version favored in U.S. The Samba has stayed popular over time and still ranks high among social as well as competitive dancers.

Why Learn to Samba?

  • It is a fun workout (that doesn’t feel like a workout!)
  • It tones and strengthens your core, legs, and glutes
  • Samba lessons are a great date night idea
  • You’ll meet new people and make new friends
  • Your self-esteem will get a boost

Take a look at some Fred Astaire students demonstrating the Samba:

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