Studio Dance Director

Durham Dance Center, Inc., Durham, NC 1Position

Position Duties: Train and teach ballroom dance instructors how to teach their students in Ballroom, Latin, Smooth, and Rhythm styles of ballroom dance.  Teach all teacher training classes in all four (4) styles of ballroom dance. Give all 8-hour progress checks to instructors, maintain instructor teaching schedules, and give students level exams. Provide all Pro and Pro-Am Coaching and Choreography sessions to studio dance instructors. Maintain monthly student class calendar and check in with instructors and students to be sure progress and satisfaction are maintained.  Meet with studio instructors weekly to discuss student progress and plan future dance goals. Review all entry forms for both Regional and National dance competitions. Monitor the studio instructors’ Certificate and Professional Diploma progress and encourage instructors to improve and test for higher teaching credentials. Create choreography for instructors and students to perform in local and national dance competitions. Compete with instructors and students in dance competitions.

Job Requirements: Hours: Monday – Friday 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm.  Travel approximately two overnights every three months out of town or out of state to dance competitions.

Qualifications for the Position: Requires a four-year college degree, or its equivalent, in Ballroom Dance Choreography or Ballroom Dance Teaching or closely related field. Also requires at least one year of ballroom dance competition experience in the international style of ballroom dance. Send applications or resumes to: Yuriy Simakov at: