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The Best Slow Dance Songs

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a dance, or just a romantic night with your significant other, slow dance songs are a must. Technically speaking, a “slow dance song” has 60-100 beats per minute (BPM). That’s quite a wide range, but that gives you variety on the dance floor. There’s also a lot of variety in […]

How To Practice Dancing Without a Dance Partner

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Training for a DanceSport competition or perhaps your wedding is just a few months away, you must practice dancing if you want to be proficient. But what if you and your dance partner’s schedule is overbooked and unable to practice dancing together? Popular to contrary belief, you can practice dancing without a dance partner.

The History of The Cha Cha

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Simple, Fun, and Energetic. We Introduce You To The Cha Cha. Learn More About A Dance That Has Been Popluar Since The 1950’s. Take the First Step in Your Journey to a New World of Dance.