The Jive is one of the five international Latin dances and is the fastest among the group with its many kicks and flicks. The Jive was also coined the “Jitterbug Jive” and was a category of dance in the 1935 dance competitions in New York City. In the 1940s, Jive dance lessons became popular in the United States and were influenced by Boogie, Rock & Roll, Lindyhop, and African/American Swing.

During World War II, the Jive became a favorite among young dancers. The French later adapted it and it grew in popularity in Britain. In 1968, it was adopted as the fifth Latin Dance in international competitions. In international-style ballroom dance competitions, the Jive is danced to Western music at 42 bars per minute in 4/4 time but is grouped with the Latin dances. Depending on the style, Jive can be danced to Swing music as well as Rock and Roll and Boogie-woogie.

Some well-known Jive steps taught in Jive dance lessons include the American Spin, Throwaway, Comb, and Arm Breaker. As you’re learning the dance, you’ll see how these steps are used! The Jive incorporates twirling and doesn’t move around the dance floor as much as other dances. The feet are well-controlled under the body with the knees remaining close together. As you’re learning the Jive, you’ll learn the 6-beat pattern that goes along with the dance.

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