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Safe and Effective Ways to Enjoy Exercise While Pregnant

dancing while pregnant

Our dance instructors are exploring a carefully curated selection of safe and effective options for you to enjoy exercise while pregnant. This guide is designed to help moms-to-be maintain their physical health, boost their mental well-being, and prepare their bodies for the incredible journey of childbirth. 

First Steps in Learning to Dance: What to Expect and How to Get Prepared

Shoes for Learn to Dance

When you first start learning to dance, there are a lot of things that can seem overwhelming. There are so many different dance styles, dance moves, and techniques to choose from! From ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, hip hop, and more; how do you know where to start? In this blog post, our dance experts at […]

8 Beginner Tips for Learning Swing Dances

What is Swing Dancing

Are you sociable, energetic, and like to move? If so, then swing dancing may be a good fit for you to learn out of all of the dance styles out there. Swing dancing is fun and not that difficult when you compare it to some other dances out there. But not all swing dances are […]

How To Slow Dance For Formal Events: Easy Tips


When it comes to formal events, there are many things you will need to do. For instance, one of the most important aspects is learning how to slow dance. How would a formal event be without everyone dancing together? It wouldn’t! So this article will provide easy tips on how to slow dance for formal […]

How to Add Dancing To A Romantic Date


If you’ve been looking far and wide for some of the best dance lessons for couples, keep on reading. So you’ve started seeing someone and the sparks are flying. But in between all of your karaoke nights and couples dinners with friends, there’s only one thing missing: if only you knew how to dance! Well […]

Helpful Tips for Parents to Prepare for their Child’s Dance Competition


Your little one has practiced and practiced, learning all of the choreography for the upcoming dance competition. As the day gets closer, nerves and anxiety grow more heightened. Just by its very nature, competition is an environment of both excitement and stress. What can you do to ensure that all of the logistics go smoothly […]

The Importance of Sleep for Dancers and Athletes to Recover

cha cha dancers in Durham

While it’s important for everyone to get quality sleep, it is essential for athletes, which includes dancers, in achieving peak performance and physical recovery. Sleep is a critical element in overall conditioning to meet the physical and mental demands of a sport. When a dancer or athlete doesn’t get enough or the right quality of […]