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Dance Tips

Helpful Tips for Parents to Prepare for their Child’s Dance Competition


Your little one has practiced and practiced, learning all of the choreography for the upcoming dance competition. As the day gets closer, nerves and anxiety grow more heightened. Just by its very nature, competition is an environment of both excitement and stress. What can you do to ensure that all of the logistics go smoothly […]

The Importance of Sleep for Dancers and Athletes to Recover

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While it’s important for everyone to get quality sleep, it is essential for athletes, which includes dancers, in achieving peak performance and physical recovery. Sleep is a critical element in overall conditioning to meet the physical and mental demands of a sport. When a dancer or athlete doesn’t get enough or the right quality of […]

How to Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


Are you shy on the dance floor and afraid of people seeing you dance? Do you feel self-conscious of not being able to keep the beat or not knowing the steps to a dance? It’s totally understandable and very common to feel somewhat inhibited and shy about dancing in front of people. You can feel […]

The Best Slow Dance Songs

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a dance, or just a romantic night with your significant other, slow dance songs are a must. Technically speaking, a “slow dance song” has 60-100 beats per minute (BPM). That’s quite a wide range, but that gives you variety on the dance floor. There’s also a lot of variety in […]